enerhym supports primary school students with financial donation


Since 2013, the students and teachers of Brackel primary school have been working with sixteen iPads as part of media education and digitalization. However, after eight years, the devices can no longer be reasonably updated and administered. As part of the state government's corona immediate program, seven new devices were purchased with the help of the school board. Unfortunately, further iPads cannot be financed from the digital pact. The requirements include that the cabling in the school and the provision of WLAN and presentation devices in the classrooms should be implemented primarily and sensibly.

To ensure that all children and teachers can work digitally, even in times of the corona pandemic, we supported the Brackel primary school with a financial donation, so that seven new iPads could be purchased.

All devices are now up to date and equipped with learning apps, so the children can all access the same content and learning games. In this way, the primary school children are already introduced to digitalization in a meaningful way and are thus encouraged or challenged as needed.