Corporate Responsibility

We take responsibility.

We are aware of our ecological and social responsibility. That is why we have committed ourselves to various sustainability initiatives including the Hamburger Tafel, Viva con Agua and the Impact Days.

Our Environmental Responsibility


As a climate protection partner, we participate in the No. 1 active reforestation project in northern Germany. In this way, we sustainably support climate protection, because the trees may no longer be felled.

Viva con Agua

As a sponsoring member of the Hamburg-based organization Viva con Agua e.V., we support water projects in the long term and effectively through a regular membership fee.

Impact Days

Each employee receives 2 additional Impact Days per year to promote any sustainable project they are passionate about, e.g., collecting trash, planting trees, caring for the elderly, etc.

Our Social Responsibility

Hamburger Tafel

As a sponsoring member of Hamburger Tafel e.V., we support the organization annually by paying a contribution to purchase food for those in need in Hamburg.

Education/youth promotion

To support digitization at schools and to sponsor a youth soccer team, we provide financial donations. Herewith, we create equality of opportunitiy and support talent develop-ment.

Sponsoring health

We also want to contribute by sponsoring diverse projects in the health sector, such as charity runs, the cancer foundation and Wings for Life.

We live our values.

For successful cooperation, we are guided by our defined corporate values.

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